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Prenatal Yoga Series

Sophia’s Prenatal Yoga classes will provide you with a safe and supportive environment to prepare, through movement, breath techniques, guided meditation and journaling for birth and motherhood. This will be a great place for you to connect with new moms-to-be.

There are many benefits to taking prenatal yoga classes

  • Helps you process emotions from the increased hormonal activity
  • Prepares the pelvic muscles, hips and legs for childbirth
  • Brings a greater awareness of the breath, and how to use it during labor to calm yourself Improves circulation, which is important because you are sharing your blood circulation with your baby
  • Keeps the body supple and aligned while it changes to accommodate the life within
  • Most importantly, Prenatal Yoga classes help you connect with your unborn child
Learn more about Sophia:
Sophia is passionate about pregnancy, birth and motherhood. She is a trained doula, prenatal yoga instructor as well as a mother herself. She has been practicing yoga extensively for 10 years. Sophia provides a safe and nourishing environment that is open to all levels and stages of pregnancy. Her classes help alleviate pregnancy pains and provide a wealth of useful techniques and tips for pregnancy & birth. She firmly believes that ‘Peace on earth begins with birth.’ Sophia is continuously learning about nutrition, herbalism, meditation, complimentary healing, astrology and spirituality. She has a strong connection to nature and empowering women. She also works at Squamish Waldorf school and has studied psychology at UBC.


Sunday, April 22 to Sunday, May 27
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Moksha Yoga Squamish
10-40437 Tantalus Road
Squamish, BC Canada

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Organizer: Sophia